• #SmartyTempy

    Temperature and humidity right-now?

  • #SmartyTempy

    Dew point and if it's raining right-now?

  • #SmartyTempy

    It's not weather forecast! It's in real-time!

About Us

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What's #SmartyTempy?

IoT weather station that provides temperature, humidity, dew point, and if it’s raining in real-time anywhere using chatbot.

Crazy for bots? Make them work for your city!

> 1st IoT brazilian project installed in USA.

> IoT brazilian project acclaimed by international experts and opinion leaders during Speaking Sessions in USA. Watch video.

See our presentation (soon).


Ask #SmartyTempy chatbot.


Ask #SmartyTempy chatbot.

Dew point

Ask #SmartyTempy chatbot.

Is it raining?

Ask #SmartyTempy chatbot.

How to

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The app

Download the "Telegram" app and search for the available channels.

The locations

Search for the available locations' channels:
New York - metro area (USA): @HillsdaleTempBot
São Paulo - Mooca district (Brazil): @MoocaTempBot
Silicon Valley, California, USA: @SantaClaraTempBot
and more soon.

The presentation

See our presentation (soon).

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Contact us

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São Paulo, SP, Brazil

+55 (11) 9-5748-9960

Avaliable locations' channels

Download the "Telegram" app and search for:

For New York Metropolitan Area (USA):

For São Paulo, SP, Brazil (Mooca district):

For Silicon Valley, California, USA:

and more soon.

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